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Corning Union High School shares progress of Rodgers Ranch


CORNING — Big things are happening at Rodgers Ranch, and Corning High School wants to share what is going on.

According to CUHSD Student & FFA Officer Lily Carter, the ranch recently was able to plant a 30-acre olive orchard with the help of Musco Olive Products, Inc.,

“We are very excited to have students involved and learning about this process,” she added.

The freshman completed a fun scavenger hunt and tour. The sophomores were able to utilize the ranch’s greenhouse. The animal sciences classes learned how to operate our cattle chutes. The juniors observed soil erosion, and natural resources have been doing a lot of work at the creek.

The FFA students have started working on farm clean-up days, where they help clean up the ranch to gain hours towards their agricultural projects.

“The ranch board is working on developing a new and cohesive master plan for goals in the future,” Carter said.

On Oct. 21, the FFA’s Haunted Barn is open to all community members. The spooky activities began at 7 p.m. There is a $5 entry fee.